Our Team

Our Leaders

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    Jake's been in the Early Childhood industry for more than a decade. He has his bachelor of education and has been awarded the 'Male Educator of the Year' award. He loves being a passionate leader to a dedicated team and would love to introduce you to the centre!

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    Nursery Room Leader

    Jessie is the caring leader of our nursery room. With her diploma, and years of experience under her belt, Jessie loves running a nursery full of laughter, cuddles and fun learning, while making sure each individual child's routines are respected.

  • Jordan

    Juniper Room Leader

    Jordan leads our talented team of Juniper educators to ensure our toddlers achieve the best possible developmental outcomes. She has broad experience in all age groups and is particularly interested in ensuring diversity is represented in the classroom.

  • Jess

    Willow Room Leader

    Jess's training in Early Childhood Development, and her Bachelor of Education mean our Junior Preschoolers are getting the best headstart towards primary school using our interest based, play-focused program.

  • Durrah

    Maple Room Leader

    Durrah has taught all accross the world, and her experiences, bachelor of education, knowledge of the curriculum and passion towards the development of our school readiness program means our preschoolers are set up with the tools and knowledge they need for "big school".

Our Educators

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    Nursery Educator

    Vivi loves sharing her Brazilian heritage with the children. "Eu amo aprender!"

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    Nursery Educator

    Marian is a dedicated, caring educator who is passionate about involving families in our centre. 

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    Nursery Educator

    Marian is a dedicated, caring educator who is passionate about involving families in our centre. 

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    Nursery Educator

    Fabiola loves helping our youngest children keep fit and active, and brings her interest in sport to the classroom.

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    Nursery Educator

    Neha is a loving educator and mum. You'll always find her on the nursery floor with a baby in her arms.

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    Nursery Educator

    Pamela loves sharing her passion for arts and crafts with our children. Our walls are covered in beautiful works!

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    Juniper Educator

    Ayda's finishing up her Masters of Teaching, and is always bringing what she learns to our educators and children.

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    Juniper Educator

    Ramatu's secret skill is amazing cooking! Our children always get excited for her cooking experiences. 

  • linda.jpg


    Juniper Educator

    Linda is our yoga specialist and has taught the children all sorts of various poses! Healthy bodies and healthy minds!

  • Ray.jpg


    Juniper Educator

    Our Junipers love learning songs in Mandarin from Ray. "一二三四五六七" is a favourite!

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    Willow Educator

    Melisa (our sports superstar) loves incoporating her love for all things sport in our daily program.

  • Janny.jpg


    Willow Educator

    Janny's interests are in making sure our youngest preschoolers are fostering positive relationships.

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    Maple Educator

    Minahil loves making sure our preschoolers are eqipped for primary school, both socially and emotionally.

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    Maple Educator

    As a professional dance teacher, our preschoolers are always learning in the funnest, most active way possible!

We at Naremburn Early Learning Centre acknowledge the Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples of this nation. We acknowledge the traditional custodians of the lands on which our centre is located (the Cammeraygal Clan of the Eora tribe). We pay our respects to ancestors and Elders, past and present.